Inspiring cuisine for a changing world.

From garden to plate, our chefs always go the extra mile to please your palate.

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From the first bite, our healthy meals will have you hooked!

Don't take work home. Take our yummy food instead! #Mmmmm

salades salades salades

Lettuce, please!

Don't be mean,
go green!

For a virtuous lunch, nothing beats delicious, garden-fresh produce. Our chefs use it to make amazingly tasty, energizing salads.

soupes soupes soupes


Second only to your grandma's!

We say a big ‘no’ to instant soups, additives and flavour enhancers. Want to know the unsalted truth? We use no more than 0,5g salt per litre, as recommended by the Superior Health Counsil.

plats prepares plats prepares plats prepares

Ready meals.

Ping and they're ready!

For a balanced meal that’s perfect for lunch or even to take home, we have the perfect match. All our seasonal vegetables are fresh and 100% Belgian. Naturally.

desserts desserts desserts

Sweet pleasures.

Deliciously decadent, and proud of it!

A little indulgence can be forgiven. Especially when we offer such inventive, light and yummy desserts.


With Modern Recipe,
you join a Community of Foodies!


Our gurus
of good taste

#chefskitchen #nouvellecuisine

Our chefs are genies of gastronomy, ready to grant your every culinary wish. Trained at the prestigious Lenôtre school, they blend innovation and artisanry to offer you healthy, balanced meals, made with honest, transparently-sourced ingredients. With each inspired twist, they elevate each and every meal into a moment of pleasure.

The finesse of
Bart De Pooter

Flying your tastebuds to the stars

Bart De Pooter, the two-starred chef from Pastorale in Rumst, has trained his Modern Recipe teams to ensure tip-top quality.
He infuses new life into classic dishes, while adding his own “Crafted By De Pooter” selection of delicious and surprising specials, prepared with the finest produce. Work your Magic, Bart!



All over Belgium, our local heroes are watching over us.



Discover them around you.

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  • We cook in the here and now!

    Rule 1We really dig
    seasonal vegetables

    Asparagus in November, strawberries at Christmas? No thanks! We stick to the calendar of Bruxelles Environnment, only picking fruit and vegetables that are in season.

  • Rule 2We keep
    our balance

    The best way to stay healthy is through a balanced diet. With very little salt, sugar and saturated fat, our menus follow the guidelines of the Superior Health Council.

  • The nearer the better!

    Rule 3We’re picky about
    what we pick

    Why import food from all over the world, when everything we need is on our doorstep! Picked at maturity, our fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, and as the journey from garden to plate is short, they have a low carbon footprint. So nature benefits too.

  • Rule 4Our producers are
    our neighbours

    We believe it makes sense to source produce from right here in Belgium. From Flandria fruit and veg to Meesterlijk ham, from Belbeef beef to Gomad meals, Belgian producers are as good as any in the world. What more could we ask for?

  • The planet says thank you.

    Rule 5We throw nothing away

    Zero Waste is our motto, so we only choose 100% recyclable and compostable materials. No plates needed: our stylish packaging is perfectly adapted to our yummy meals. And our glass desserts jars? You’ll be happy to give them a second life in your own kitchen.

  • Rule 6We love animals
    and people

    When our menus offer products of animal origin, they come with a guarantee of respect: not only for animals but also the environment. And to make sure we’re making life better for our producers, we purchase only through Fair Trade channels.

  • Rule 7We love vegan

    Prefer not to eat animal products? Then you’ll love our vegan meals! Bursting with spanking fresh veggies, legumes and cereals, they are high in vegetal protein. And because switching to ‘plant-based’ has a positive impact on CO2 emissions, what’s good for you is also good for the planet. #winwin

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